Like Pathfinder, only on the water.

What would you use to factor out the Ob for a maritime journey? Pathfinder has factors for nearby, short journey, long journey, or remote, and you’ve got Boatcrafter for actually making your boat, but once you’ve got that, I’d really like to test for the trip itself. Say from Calogero to Frostic, or Grasslake to Borl (?)?

We had a sailing scene in our last game, and we used Pathfinder, helped by Coast-Wise. (The player was playing Sadie.)


Boatcrafter says it also applies to navigating waterways.

Yes, it does say that, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have any factors for maritime navigation, though. So, wing it with the Ob’s or use the factors from Pathfinder? I’ve gone for precision in this game so far, so I lean towards using Pathfinder’s factors for a Boatcrafter test.

Oops! Definitely use Pathfinder factors for Boatcrafter navigation.