Logging Tests in an Extended Conflict with Multiple Engagements

So here is another hypothetical situation for you guys and gals, let’s say my knight , Sir Dizzyface’, and his squire, Mr. Pibblesworth*, are jumped by a few bandits on the road. I engage two of them and my squire engages one. Now, I’m able to slay bandits I’ve engaged with and log a test in Sword before my squire is able to kills his. Then, I engage his opponent…

Would I be able to log another Sword test since I just Engaged a new opponet, or would this be considered part of the same Extended Conflict/Fight!?

I would say no. It’s part of the same scene, but I can see where someone could consider it two different instances of Fight!.

*Pronounced like the soda and Dr. Evil’s cat.

That’s all still a single Fight.