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I have been GM:ing BW in sessions with different degree of success. At about a year ago I ran a campaign where the player characters were about attack the fortress/stronghold of the main focus NPC/antagonist in the arc, the bloody baron. They were leading a smaller company of troops against the wooden pallisades of the fortress.

Now, I ended up moving and a lot of other personal stuff came up and now by the end of the summer I think I can get back into GMing BW again.
During this year I have discussed if the players want to continue and also if they can play online with respect to current covid-19 situation. Some agreed, others not. So about 3 out of 4 players want to continue.

Now, how do I proceed to re-launch the game? With respect to the system BWG what do I do? Also, any pointers on large scale (semi large scale assult on fortresses? Perhaps Range and cover subsystem? )

Looking forward to your comments also, I believe this is my first topic start since mainly browsing topics here.

I might set some time aside to do kind of a recap session. Maybe not a whole session but just a designated time to refresh ourselves on our characters, their BITs, and what we all wanted out of/were doing with the game. Maybe do a little bit of pre-siege RP and such - a build-up episode.

As for Semi-Mass Combat, I guess it would depend on how massive it was and how much focus you wanted to put on it and its mass. You could do a Tactics or Command Test (or link them) and focus on the player-side of things or you could do Range and Cover with Help. It sounds like this was going to be a big climactic moment, so whatever you do, you might want to have the Bloody Baron shake things up halfway through and then make a personal appearance.

(Personally, as a player, I get antsy about assaulting fortified positions. I’d much prefer to starve them out or sneak in some how.)

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Oh! And welcome!

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Yeah go slow. Really slow. Talk about meta. Give folks plenty of scenes to re-establish their characters before throwing them into anything that requires system mastery.


Thanks for the comments guys.
I am getting in the right mind-set to be able to run a set of recap sessions in along with your guidelines during the end of this month (august)

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I have the privilege to have players who write some short story stuff or som background stuff to get more flavour for their characters and I can use some of that for the scenes that can serve as recaps. Them meeting important people in their past their contacts, relationships and so on.

I hope that those recap sessions can set up a “meatier” scene with even more stuff going on when we come to the mass combat.

As for the mass combat itself it should be involving about 50 on each side.
It could also end up not to be combat but instead a sneak in scenario, a negotiation or something else. Isn´t that why we play :wink:

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That sounds dope!

If you could get the recap scenes to involve or elaborate on the events of the siege, that would also be dope!

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