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I have been GM:ing BW in sessions with different degree of success. At about a year ago I ran a campaign where the player characters were about attack the fortress/stronghold of the main focus NPC/antagonist in the arc, the bloody baron. They were leading a smaller company of troops against the wooden pallisades of the fortress.

Now, I ended up moving and a lot of other personal stuff came up and now by the end of the summer I think I can get back into GMing BW again.
During this year I have discussed if the players want to continue and also if they can play online with respect to current covid-19 situation. Some agreed, others not. So about 3 out of 4 players want to continue.

Now, how do I proceed to re-launch the game? With respect to the system BWG what do I do? Also, any pointers on large scale (semi large scale assult on fortresses? Perhaps Range and cover subsystem? )

Looking forward to your comments also, I believe this is my first topic start since mainly browsing topics here.

I might set some time aside to do kind of a recap session. Maybe not a whole session but just a designated time to refresh ourselves on our characters, their BITs, and what we all wanted out of/were doing with the game. Maybe do a little bit of pre-siege RP and such - a build-up episode.

As for Semi-Mass Combat, I guess it would depend on how massive it was and how much focus you wanted to put on it and its mass. You could do a Tactics or Command Test (or link them) and focus on the player-side of things or you could do Range and Cover with Help. It sounds like this was going to be a big climactic moment, so whatever you do, you might want to have the Bloody Baron shake things up halfway through and then make a personal appearance.

(Personally, as a player, I get antsy about assaulting fortified positions. Iā€™d much prefer to starve them out or sneak in some how.)

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Oh! And welcome!

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Yeah go slow. Really slow. Talk about meta. Give folks plenty of scenes to re-establish their characters before throwing them into anything that requires system mastery.