Looking for Work

So when I first looked at the Looking for Work rules I didn’t get the point. +1D of Cash for +1 lifestyle and a circles test and whatever is needed to finish the work? Doesn’t sound like a fair deal. Maybe for a character with 0 Resources, wealthy friends, and a few Fate points laying around it would give them a chance to at least attempt the test instead of auto-failing (Brent pointed this out in another thread). Other than that, I wasn’t sure what the point was.

Then I started planning for my next session. Well, I’m not going to just hand out information on where to go and what to do next, now am I? That would be too easy! So the players have a few options for figuring out what their next adventure will be. They can panhandle at the gates and maybe get a good Leaving Town event, but possibly just end up more broke than before. They can take any information they have from the last adventure and research it or dig up leads, which increases their lifestyle. They can listen to rumors at the tavern, which also increases their lifestyle. Or, finally, they can look for work from the guilds, which also increases their lifestyle and costs a circles test, but also offers a little extra cash incentive for success. Cash that they get in town instead of hauling out of the dungeon. They need to find a darn job anyway, why not get an extra purse of cash, have a great deal more direction than just rumors, and get a nice circles test while they’re at it?

Anyway, it was something that occurred to me and I thought it might be helpful to share, so there ya go.

My players’ characters are starting to get their feet under them in terms of Resources. If you’re staying with your parents (no lifestyle Ob for lodgings) in your hometown (+1D Resources advantage) and you’ve got Resources 2 or 3, you might want to look for work while everyone else is out doing stuff, because you are probably able to cover your lifestyle with your own money and earn some spending cash on the side!


Oh yeah! That too. I feel like I observed that some time in the past and forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me.