Loot Detail

I just started using this resource found on the Hack & Slash blog to help come up with details about some of the treasure that can be found in my dungeons. I’m not very good at coming up with these things and in addition to listing a bunch of treasure types and tables to roll on, there’s also possible materials, some tables to fill out details like types of furnishings or clothing or the quality of the goods. Since a lot of this is just color it’s super compatible with Torchbearer. Here’s a small horde I just rolled up for a dungeon, mainly from the tables but with some details filled in by me:

  • A bronze altar to the Immortal Lords (I’m trying to think of some good Immortal Lords that bandits might worship), covered in a fine linen cloth.
  • A bone carving of a bear of slightly above average quality (worth +1d of cash more than usual)
  • A massive glass urn containing a mixture of gold, silver, and copper coins
  • An ornate wool cushion with complex geometric patterns

There’s some other tables and resources on the blog that I haven’t dug into yet, but I’ve been really enjoying his ecology posts on different monster types.

Edit: FYI, this table is rated R. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Brett,

It reminded me of old D&D or AD&D treasure tables, but thnks for sharing.

Simon Burling

That’s a very nice treasure table. Thanks for posting the link.