lowest starting skills and helping dice questions

  1. Is the lowest skill rating you can start with when you do character creation 1 or 2?

  2. By answering the questions for starting Resources, can you start with Resources 0? (I think you can)

  3. Can I help myself in MG like this (I have all these skills):

Successful roll for Weather Watcher helps Harvester (1D), Successful Harvester roll helps Cook (1D).

Successful roll for Baker helps Cook (1D).

Does that mean when it comes to roll Cook, I give myself (2D) helping dice?

I’m trying to keep that simple, but I’ve got a whole range of Skills that I’m trying to see if I can use to help myself (Laborer is another one) and seeing if I can “chain combo” them up.

  1. I don’t have the page number, but you can help yourself with Wises only (“I Am Wise” I believe is the header).

so you can only help others with your skills?

Mouseguard doesn’t do linked tests like BW?

I think that because tests are a limited resource it’s not really appropriate. I mean, tests during the GMs turn is the mission. Tests during the Player’s turn, you never have enough of.

What if you spent two checks during the GM’s turn to propose an extra test to link into the mission challenge?

As far as non-Wise skills go, yes, they can be used to help only other chracters.

There are complex hazards, but really they don’t work like linked tests. I’d offer that the twist/condition and checks mechanics make linking tests wonky.

To answer your other question, skills must start at level 2 during character generation.

  1. Default is 2, and while it is possible to develop level 1 skills due to injuries, no you can’t start with them.

  2. page 32, left col, “Resources ratings range from 1 to 10.”

  3. Yes, but only by defining the product of the first roll as a “tool” or as “supplies” …
    …so your weather watcher is a prediction table for the weather. That’s a tool for harvester.
    … The harvester produces the ingredients, which are a prerequisite of the cook test. It could be high quality ingredients, however…
    … baker I can’t see helping with cook this way, unless you’re making crusts and bowls separately.

And if you have the checks to make it happen… sure. Note that p.241 permits another mouse to provide tools or supplies to a craftsmouse for a +1D.

Note that tools are a standard bonus, but someone else’s tools can still help even if you have yours. And several skills can make tools.

Well, according to the tax rules and the recruitment rules, you can start with a Res 0.

Errata item???

If you answer in a certain way when determining your nature, it is possible to start with a Fighter skill of 1

Aramis and Luke: thanks very much.

And yes, that’s what I was thinking: each successful check helps the next one by providing tools. For the Baker and Cook one, I was thinking along the lines of a feast: baker makes the bread and cook prepares the soups: viola: bread with soup to knock off the patrols hungry condition.

That’s a lot of checks.