[LTTP] I finally got it!

So, for reasons I won’t dwell on here, I’m back hardcore into Burning games, and Mouse Guard, which I ordered from FRP Games in the US, just arrived today, on time (I got the 4-7 express shipping so that it would be registered and tracked). It got here in 5 days. So, hats off to FRP!

And hats off to Luke - I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but its a gorgeous book, and a nice size too.

I’ll probably start reading it after this weekend, as I’m now in the process of prepping for the first world burning/character generation session for Burning Empires. And I’m happily anticipating BW Gold; I’ll definitely be one of the pre-orders in July. Anyone know if the Burning Store sends to Hungary? Or will they be using a different distributor?

Seriously, what a lovely, lovely book. Can’t wait to read it!

What’s LTTP?

What is up with all the different Burner books? Wil the new Burning Wheel Gold book have all the Burners in it (magic, adventure, etc)? BW Gold seems beefier!

Good question, though that probably gets a thread for itself, no? I’d personally be perfectly happy if it ends up as the BE/MG organized rules redux of BWR, which, from the blurb on the front of the site, it will be. I seriously like the way BE does it’s lifepaths, for example, which sounds like how they’ll do them in BWG.

The Burning Store will certainly send to Hungary, shipped via post.

Burning Wheel Gold is a revised Revised. The supplements have not been incorporated.

Just as well; personally, I’m a one-book sort of guy anyway, another reason I really dig BE and MG. And BWG will be the same! Whee!

P.S. - And I’m happy it will ship to Hungary. I don’t even want to think about how long I’d have to wait for it to arrive “naturally” through the distribution chain to regular game shops (if ever!).