[Magical Items] Flail of Thorns

The Flail of Thorns
An ancient, cursed flail. When equipped as a weapon, the handle of the flail sprouts thorny vines that wrap around the user’s hand, cutting into their flesh. The flail cannot be dropped until the curse is removed.

A successful attack or feint with the mace allows the bearer to recover from their most serious condition; but whenever the bearer gains a condition from the Grind, they become Injured instead. If already Injured, they become Dead.

I love it.

It has a rather nice boon, and a rather brutal drawback which on its own makes it a pretty cool cursed item in my book. The way the curse and boon interact also creates another secondary curse of aggression in a way that doesn’t interfere with player control over their character is really neat.

If I were going to run this, I might restrict its boon to Kill conflicts to ratchet up the pressure, and/or make something neat happen to the body if the flail manages to kill the host.