Has anyone tried to create ‘other’ maneuvers, other than those listed in the book? If so, how many successes did they take and what were the effects.

One I’m thinking about is a lesser version of disarm, something like knocking their weapon to the side/off balance. In this, the opponent loses use of something for their next action (or maybe through the next exchange).

Any other thoughts?

We have a maneuver like this in BW called Beat and Bind. There’s a reason why you don’t see it broken out into it’s own maneuver in MG or BE.

Anyway, it’s mechanically the same as the impede or gain position effects of Maneuver (or the various effects of Suppressive Fire).

Why do you want more maneuvers? More maneuvers means more interactions, means more problems. If you’re going to add more maneuvers, you might as well play Fight or Firefight!


The One I’d add is rearm… 4s. Recover a disarmed weapon.

@Luke: he’s not talking chart changing, just success assignments.

That’s good. Thanks.

Oh! I mistook actions for maneuvers. Sorry!

Check out the BE Suppressive Fire action for inspiration for more effects!

Cause you were a bit of a silly git about not using the same terms across the three games… :wink:

MG seriously suffers from terminology issues…

Get over it, old man.