Marking Advancements in Wises and skills

Greetings everyone.

I was woundering, is there any time where we a mice is requires to make a wise check?

Can we check an advance in a skill/wise if we aid another mice? (ex: my team mate is doing a pathfinder and i aid him with cartographer, or we are on the wild country my team mate is doing a pathfind and i aid him with my wild country-wise)


1: required to make wise check? It’s possible… not likely.
Wises are, however, how you write stuff in that isn’t circles nor resources derived.

And in MG, no, helpers don’t earn tallies towards advancement.

I’d expect to see Wises used chiefly during the Player’s Turn, or perhaps during the GM’s Turn as the patrol suggests using them (alone or with other skills) as a way to solve an obstacle.


I would think the Wises would see use when its entirely a roll/check about wether or not the character knows something, not how knowing something aids them in doing something. Make sense?

Wises have 3 uses:

  1. assisting skill rolls by proving you are more familiar with something… used a LOT during GM turn IF you have the right ones.
  2. Players ‘defining’ stuff in the fiction - usually player turn, but not always…
  3. having the GM define stuff.

Best GM turn use of a wise in my (now several months over) MG campaign:
Players were tracking down a rebel base… players were given situation of coming up on base, and player used Rebel-wise to define that only four rebels were there right now, and would have a back door and be inattentive. I set Ob 6, he spent a persona and a fate, and used a L2 trait… and got 7s…

There went my nice 2:1 from a hole plan…

But the 9yo made up for it… One of the others had said he wanted to kill things… and that the fight in the hole wasn’t enough… so her 1st player action was a Rebel-Wise… “The other 10 show up and we get surprise on them”… Ob 4. She makes 4s. All four adult players mad at her now…

I used Wises to represent language. I make it so a character is required to either have a wise, or pass a Will Ob2 check, to understand the language of the creature.

I would also allow players to make Wise rolls as a test at the beginning of a conflict. Then I would take a number of dice equal to the number of successes and stick that many dice in the center of the table that the players could use during the conflict.

Example from game play: Player is in a conflict with a mystic to convince her that the moon cycle has changed, and that this means a disaster is coming. She was the girl of a important noble that Lockhaven needed the support of.

Player rolled Astrology Wise (yes he actually took that), he got two successes. During the conflict he then gets 2 additional bonus dice to use when he sees fit.

I found this to be an interesting way to use, and advance, a wise.

Communicating with non-mice (excepting, I think, weasels) is something that falls under the Loremouse skill, if I recall correctly.


Yup. But if you have both loremouse and waterbeetle-wise, and have talked with waterbeetles in the past, that’s good enough for me to just say yes to talking with waterbeetles…