Maximum # of Dice?

I was just wondering, what is the maximum number of dice (without counting those from Fate and Persona) a mouse can accumulate? From the Wolfkilling Mice thread, I’m seeing at least 7D, but what’s the max? 11D? 12D?

Skill of 6 + Trait = 7D
Weapon or Item + 1 D
Help +1D per helper…

I’ve had folks rolling 11D - 12D without a persona or fate point.
Guess it depends on how many helpers they have. :slight_smile:

So a BASE of 8D can be considered (Skill 6 + Trait + Weapon/Item), and assuming a normal patrol of 4 mice gives an additional 3D = 11D


Are there any “special” circumstances that will boost this over 11D?

It’s amazing how badly one can roll, even with all those dice.
12D rolled, 4 successes scored!
Boooooooo, Hisssssss, Booooooo.

The was much jeering and leering in our last game :slight_smile:

Don’t forget Persona.

Skill or Ability of 6D (or Nature 7D, Resources 10D, Circles 10D)
Appropriate Wise +1D
Gear/Weapon +1D
Supplies (from another mouse) +1D
Level 1 or 2 Trait +1D
Hometown Advantage +1D (Resources or Circles)
Contact +1D (Circles)
Tap Nature +7D

Persona +XD (X Persona spent)
Help from another mouse +XD (X mice helping)

So, before spending persona or getting help, a mouse could conceivably roll
22 Dice.

Let’s see, Brian, who’s been very wild lately and about to crack, is determined to find his friend Peter while in his hometown of Gilipledge. He’s wise about local bars in Gilipledge where Brian usually hangs out. He also happens to have a list of bars in the town which has Peter’s “reviews”. And I can’t really think of a good way to incorporate it into the story, but Brian’s player taps nature. Oh, and Brian knows a crapload of mice.

I can’t think of a way that Supplies would honestly apply, as that rule seems fitting for crafts or trade mostly.