MG: BW Lite for Humans?

Hey man, if you like to make more work for your own bad self, go for it. It can also be played for simplicity and kept as is – with no loss of depth!

We tinker because we love! :wink:

Seriously, if you didn’t make such a damn fine game it wouldn’t be such a pleasure to think about all the time and want to modify for some strange purpose.

So really - it’s all your fault. Stop making awesome games. No wait. Keep making awesome games!


EDIT: Hrm. Didn’t mean for that to be all fanboi and gushing.

I’ve been thinking Mouseguard could do Exalted excellently. Much better than WW at any rate. :rolleyes: (Nature would be replaced by Essence(Caste))

For a very generic fantasy thing I would replace Nature with class actually.


  • Fighter (Dueling, Lifting and breaking things, Intimidation)
  • Rogue (Hiding, Disguises, Distractions)
  • Cleric (Medicine, Soothing Platitudes, Preaching)
  • Mage (Research, Teaching, and investigation)

Skill and Traitlist:
Replace every instance of ‘mouse’ with ‘man’, as well as other ‘color’ editing.

Where were you Born
Cities are replaced by Cultures and in some cases specific Races. This is very setting specific.

Mouse Age and Ability

  • Tenderpaw -> Aspirant/Apprentice
  • Guardmouse -> Young Adventurer/Laborer/Farmer
  • Patrol Guard -> Adventurer/Soldier/Appointed Position
  • Patrol Leader -> Veteran Adventurer/Noble
  • Guard Captain -> Administrator/Major/General

Age is essentially ‘background’ before becoming the adventurer you are currently representing in play. Keep them fairly broad. :slight_smile:

  • An administrator is essentially an older person of some experience who performs mostly logistical and (suprise) administrative tasks.
  • A Noble or veteran adventurer is some form of community leader. Noble being a specific example.

Probably a hot topic, but why can’t magic simply be replaced by appropriate traits? Essentially decide on a few setting specific themes and work from there.

Fire Magic, Healing Hands, Geomancy, Divine Breath, etc


  • Ken

To elaborate on post above

Mouse Nature/Class Nature
Class nature is a measurement of your characters heroism and general adventerous spirit.
[INDENT]A person with high Class rating is:

  • Supremely confident in his own abilities (harder to learn new lessons)
  • Ever seeking new challenges
  • More and more elaborate/epic goals

A person with a Low Class rating:

  • More likely to want to live a normal life.
  • Fearful of the creatures of darkness.
  • Will relate better to the feelings and habits of normal men.

The three questions: Your Class starts at 2

[list=][li]Do you have a home and/or non heroic people dependent on you? Or do you forge ahead unafraid of any and all fallout.
[/li]If you do have dependables, lower your Class by 1. Who are they? and why are they in danger?

[li]Do you seek glory? and have you ever been horrendously wounded or lost someone dear to you due to your adventurous actions?
[/li]If you seek glory and you’ve paid the price; increase your Class by 1.
Did this result in a perilous moral wound, lower your Health by 1. If instead you lost someone dear to you; lower your Will by 1.

[li]Are you considered especially chivalrous, pious or just plain brave?
[/li]Are you certain? If so increase your class by 1. Your Belief should in some way reflect this nature.[/list][/Indent]

Or something like that anyhow.

I had this thought as well. Make magical Traits that can be applied situationally. The magic is more color than mechanics. Learning/earning them, however, might require some additional rules.

Also, take your Exalted ideas to a new post. I’d like to see them.

I’d really like to see your ideas for this too.

I’ll get my notes sorted and make a post then. :slight_smile: I must say the plans I’ve jotted down are hardly the holy grail of gaming however. I just feel that many of the aspects of MouseGuard fit extremely well into how we play Exalted.

I agree with Luke.

You’ve got to distinguish if you want the game to be “Human Guard” or “Cultural/Racial Guard”. If it is “Human Guard”, then most of your obstacles would be things that are “non-human” and will hopefully be bigger/stronger than you. I tend to think along the lines of Starship Troopers at this point.

If you’re going with “Cultural/Racial Guard” … then I think you might as well abandon the idea of using MG as “BW-lite” and get into BW.