MG: The Wire

Wrote the document earlier this year, then let it simmer for a while and had another look. Looks pretty good. Have a look and comments/feedback are welcome.

Down in the Hole: A Mouse Guard hack for slow burn police-style investigative roleplaying with no pre-determined plot.


Looks cool, Per. Man I loved that show!

You probably intended this without saying it, but when you do a disposition roll after a session with a Case Twist, you should have something about the group narrating what happens in the big picture as regards the case (possibly relating it to the twist). Like you do in BE after the Maneuver roll.

Oh and hey, for the Recruitment -> Life Experience section, what about a question that adds a non-police relationship onto the sheet? Someone from the streets (a Bubbles or Omar), someone in your personal life (lesbian lover who wants kids), or even a politician. Although I guess Circles could handle this. But it would be neat to have a name written on your sheet, you could have a rule that you earn a check by narrating how something you do screws over your relationship. (Or maybe it should be, earn a check by narrating how your relationship hinders your efforts, like with traits? I guess both would fit the show.)

Anyway, I’m no game designer or even game critic, but it looks neat!