Might Increases

Some spoilers here for the Three Squires adventure that’s in the pdf. So, if you’re trying to not spoil it, don’t read further.

In the Three Squires adventure there’s a group of four elite guards along with the female leader. It states that their Might is 3. Is that because they’re elite guards? Like their base Might is 1, then +1 for there being 5 of them. So, I’m assuming 3 because they’re elite?

Judging on that, I’m guessing I can make a similar call if I want to have some more elite versions of a type of monster?

Are there any guidelines or rules of thumb for that? Don’t increase by more than 1 might for something like that?

And what about the other way? If they’re fighting a particularly wimpy specimen for some reason, could I reduce the might to indicate that?

Good question PI.

On that note, but flipped; will PCs ever have their might increase? Maybe at levels higher than 1-5?
I’m only asking because the fighter is already making allusions to goals like ‘slay a dragon and steal its hoard’. Currently, without an army that’s not gonna happen (which is thematic and great!) But as his health / fighter advances and his (magical) armoury improves, he and his buddies may just have a (weak) shot at a kill conflict with a dragon.

There’s always Potion of Giant Strength.

Hmm, my copy says they have Nature 3, not Might 3. That would make their Might 2, base of 1 +1 for there being 5 of them.

Hey Jeremiah,

As I note in Monsters on page 151, the monsters in the book are intended as examples that you can use as a guide for making your own. You should feel free to tweak, manipulate and mutilate as you see fit.

I think +1 or -1 to Might for these sorts of tweaks is a pretty good guideline. Might isn’t super granular, so anything more than that feels like a massive change in effectiveness.

EDIT: Also, Mike is correct. Sawtooth’s elite guard have +1 Nature, not +1 Might.

Oh, right! Ya know, I did that right in the session, but then I remembered it wrong after the fact. ha!