Missing Character Sheet?

I’ve been avoiding this as I hadn’t had the chance to turn every page of the rulebook yet… but now that I think I have, I’m really wondering…

Where are the character sheets? On page 12 of the book, it says “Character sheets are provided in the back of this book and as downloads on burningwheel.com…” Were the sheets inserted into the back of the book and lost when my retailer sent it to me? Or were they really not printed at all? The only place in the book that I can find it is the Sample sheet for Sadie (p.24)

Not that I’m particularly worried, the pdfs that Luke provides (from a sticky on this forum) are pretty nifty… I’m just a bit worried for the people who don’t figure out that they can go online. And another part of me is saying “did the publisher mess up the print run?”

Sorry. That’s errata. We ran out of room for the sheets.