Mission length

Now this is maybe a total wild goose chase but anyhow:

I am planning to introduce some of my friends (long term rp’ers) to Mouse Guard. Most of them have played Shadowrun, Earthdawn, WFRP and the like.

Now I was thinking about using the sample missions and am wondering on whether they are long enough or what the typical session length people achieve is.

Of course I am aware that planning and chatter can make things drag out / expand / more fun (choose as you like) and especially as frequent Shadowrunners they are not averse to planning the night away, but still I have this nagging doubt that the whole mission could be over really really quickly.

So therefore I am wondering
a) how long do your typical missions go (in hours) - especially with the suggested two obstacles?
b) how long did you need for the sample missions?
c) how many hinderances do you put in front of the patrol per mission?

Just want this to be a success as I would like them to have a good time and us being able to play it again.

We might do a weekend away so I need to have some stuff up my sleeve and I could well see us doing 4 to 5 slots of 3-4 hours over the two days…

Aside from roleplay and the stuff youmentioned I’d say the GMs turn lasts about an hour with my games. The players turn, depending on the number of the players may tIe almost twice that. It was always a shorter session than we were used to but, fuck, did we pack a lot of awesome into those games!

With 2 obstacles and no complications, 30-60 minutes, usually lower end.
With 3-4 obstacles imposed, plus complications, is 90-240 minutes, mostly around 120-150.

I ran a complete Mouse Guard session – Mission Incomplete!! – in 45 minutes at PAX. Four players plus a GM.

What happens then? Do another mission or continue the extended one.

thanks, nice to have some feedback…

if we go ahead with the weekend will put together a bunch of mini mission ideas and then see what my players want to come up with as characters – working on them to run a sample mission from the book with pre-defined chars but still facing some opposition…