Monk Abilities

A couple of questions about the Monk:

  1. What is balance between Boxer and Drunken Boxer? A Boxer does not suffer the unarmed penalty. A Drunken Boxer suffers the penalty but gains a +1D to Feint and Defend actions. If that stacks, the DB just gets no penalty or bonus to Feind and Defends, but a -1D to Attack and Maneuvers. If it doesn’t stack, then that makes more sense. Or am I missing something?

  2. Does a staff count as a two-handed weapon when fighting? (For example, when using the Righteous Defense Technique).

  1. Typo in an early draft of that document. Should be +1s. Same for Wrestler (+1s to unarmed Maneuvers).
    Anyone who has an old version (prior to r4_4_25_2015), email me and I’ll send you an update.

  2. If you have both hands free and wield it as such, yes.

Unasked question 3. Monkey Paw Technique allows you to reduce missile damage on anyone’s action, not just your action. Secret rule!

Thanks for the information, Jared. Appreciated and interesting.

Anyone have luck getting the update for Wanderers, Outcasts and Exiles. I tried contacting Jared Sorenson, but so far no luck.

Did you email him? I did and he sent me a copy in a matter of minutes. And have you already purchased it through their website?

Yes, now taken care of. Drive Thru RPG updated WOE as well to the latest draft.