More characters than players?

I’m super stoked for Torchbearer, but it looks like my player pool might be smaller than back in the heady heydays of our BW campaigns. Having run a Mouse Guard campaign for a single patrolmouse as well as a pair, I’m wincing a little bit at the thought of sending a sorry duo of adventurers into the dungeon’s maw. Then it hit me: many times I’ve heard of people sharing an entire party’s worth of characters in old-school D&D games, whether each person plays a pair of characters, or they have a ‘stable’ of 6-8 adventurers and rotate in as needed. Would that sort of thing work in Torchbearer (and if so, how well)? Could two players run two adventurers each, for four characters total, or even share a party of adventurers between them?


We never tried it. While controlling more than one character is a feature of BD&D, TB is a bit more intense. You’ll have to tell us how it goes!

On the flipside, how well does it work with only one or two PCs? Is the game too innately hard for that to work?

I imagine it would. I see 3 players as being the absolute minimum if each character focuses on one problem solving approach (brawn, wits, and stealth). You could maybe get away with two. That’s not say you can’t have solo or 1-on-1s but the scope of play would be limited. (IMHO)