More Comics

So, Chris, are there any plans for more Iron Empires comics in the near future? I just finished reading Sheva’s War and would love to see more material - the sooner, the better. :slight_smile:

I’d like to know the answer to that as well. I got the chance over the weekend to look over a friend’s copy of the first TPB, and I’m pretty damn impressed, enough to pick up both that book and Sheva’s War in the near future (as in, before I get ahold of Burning Empires.)

:?: Is there another comic that I’ve missed?

Did you not get Faith Conquers? :shock: :cry:

Faith Conquers and Sheva’s War are the two that I own and just finished reading this past weekend; I was just wondering what TPB was.

Oh! :lol:

TPB = Trade Paperback.

There is a followup to The Passage (from the back of Faith Conquers) that appeared in an issue of Negative Burn but tracking it down is going to be difficult.

I know that Chris has said in the past that he would love to keep working on the Iron Empires universe. But I don’t know if he’s working on anything (maybe he’ll share with us!). I do know that unless he’s already working on it, you’ll have to be patient. Since he paints each book rather than drawing, it takes a long time.

:shock: I’d imagine!

Hi guys,

Thanks for the interest. Yes, I’m currently working on the script for an Iron Empires story call “Blood und Iron”, which will feature art by Peter Bergting Not certain what the publishing date is going to be, but Kerrns will feature prominently :slight_smile: Oh, and the publisher is Archaia Studios Press, Mark Smylie’s publishing company. More will be up on my site as I get more details.



Ah, that’s great news! Now I need to add your website to my Favorites. :smiley:


I’ve a question about the existing comics .

I’ve the spanish Iron Empires edition, I got it ages ago and never understand the reasons for no existance of more and more comics.

Yesterday I discovered the existence of the RPG book, I’ve my freak-room like a post-nuclear war zone, finding my copy of the comic, but I’m sure that it hasn’t 160 pages like the one I saw on the dark horse web.

So, how many comics exists? the Iron Empires I’ve says that is a recopilation of four numbers ¿it’s the same that exists in english?