More Questions About Cash and Bows

One more question: where are the rules for crafting weapons? How much would a grey bow cost and what is needed to craft it?

You’d need Grey-shade crafting ability (I don’t know offhand what skill is used for bow-crafting, but there’s probably a specific skill) to make a grey-shade bow.

In-game, you’d need to hunt down such a bowyer, and they’d probably charge a pretty steep price for something so valuable.

What would win in a fight? Grey shade arrows fired from a black shade bow or black shade arrows fired from a grey shade bow? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.
The OB for cash on hand is 2x. Can this be repeated?
For example with resources B6 could i create 1D cash multiple times in a row? (until I fail and get taxed) Or are there rules preventing this?

The big one I can think of is “Let it Ride”. Once the B6 guy has generated one 1D of cash then that’s how much they can generate unless they can think of a new way of generating that money in a different circumstance.

Also, if your intent is to wind up with 6D of cash, you should be rolling to generate 6D cash. :slight_smile: And yeah, like Totally says, you don’t just “generate cash”; you have to explain how you’re using your Resources to get cash. Calling in favors and such.

I prefer to add a +1Ob to each addItIonal attempt in the same resource cycle as you already successfully tapped into your resources once.
You would still have to explain what resources you were using, and how they were being used.

Intent and task: As a a player, BW obligated you to be honest. If what you want is 6D you have to say so.

Let It Ride: Once you’ve rolled, it stands. That’s how much cash you can produce until the situation changes. Until next resource cycle is reasonable. I’d feel relatively okay if a new need for cash came up and a new test was done, but not about stockpiling.