More Torchbearer in the Temple of Elemental Evil

Here’s the actual play from our second session. The party made camp (they needed to) and then forged ahead into the Moathouse. I had several questions in play, which are at the bottom of the post, but I’ll put them here as well.

Hungry and Thirsty – does it require a check to remove? If so can one person roll cook or some other relevant skill to remove it for multiple people?

Hungry and Thirsty – does it require both rations and drink to remove. It seems harsh if it does but weirdly unrealistic if it doesn’t.

Posting watch – It that a reasonable thing to while camping? Seems like someone could spend a check to post watch (roll scout vs. encroaching enemies) to prevent being surprised.

Camp Events table – do you still roll this if the survivalist test to set up camp succeeded? Is it a special kind of twist based on that? If they are independent, what does that survivalist test accomplish if it passes?

Should I script as hard as I can? Go for the feint when I’m sure they will defend? How fun is it to lose a character in the second session? Just part of this game? What the dead condition is for?

Pelor’s sun disc grew so hot in Orrin’s hand he had to drop it (maneuver – 3s disarm) and

That is an inspired detail, my friend.

And you did the right thing with your action choice. No need to go for the kill yet. There are more intelligent foes awaiting them that you can test out better tactics on.