Mouse curancy

In the book it mentions mouse curancys but is never really flushed out. Does the resources ability replace mouse money or should I just make something up.

Yes the resources ability is the “buy stuff” mechanic for the game. The currency is color if you want it.

ok thanks!

I suggest dried currants as popular medium of exchange :wink:

Ha, there’s an interesting thought.

Hungry and got plenty of Resources but a low Health exponent…

currents are yummy… hmm so maybe just storable food stuffs for the curancys? (ahhh extange rates X0 ).

Currency is currents, see?

Comic canon has Lieam offering what looks like a tiny gold coin to the bread vendor in Fall 1152. This takes place while the three are searching the town just before the duel.

Acting it out for roleplay might be as easy as saying you offer the needed coins. If you fail your resources role maybe say that it was because the vendor didn’t like the town from which the coin was minted as there are references to some towns sharing and other towns having their own currency.

As far as the mechanic goes, everyone else that has spoken up is right. It is a resource check.

Hope this helps fleshing out your world.

alright thanks everybody!

Also, in Winter 1152 #1, the patrol offers Lillygrove coinage to the governor of Sprucetuck, which he accepts, but only grudgingly, as Lillygrove is a long way off.

Sadly I’ve not been able to get my hands on Winter #1, #2, or #5. Just not a lot of comic book stores here on Oahu, let alone ones with Mouse Guard. But I keep asking them to get it none-the-less. :smiley: