Mouse Guard Camp!

Blue Highway Games, an excellent game store here in Seattle which has a very strong family focus, is hosting a Mouse Guard camp this summer! The following announcement just appeared in their email newsletter. It doesn’t seem to be up on their site yet.


July 12-July 16. Half Day (9-12am)
Ages 10+. Limit: 5 players.

Join the Mouse Guard with Blue Highway Games and explore the wild world of a small and exciting mouse civilization! As a mouse, danger lurks around the corner. Defend your fellow mice against roving weasels, fortify your community against gigantic raindrops, and settle disputes between other mice. You and the other players will create a guard patrol - each with your own patrol mouse. You will develop your Mouse Guard character, select unique skills, and create a personal history complete with family, friends, and enemies. In just one week, test your path-finding, diplomacy and swordsmanship while you spin a story of adventure and nobility. If you enjoy the Redwall books, the Mouse Guard comics, or think it would be cool to be a mouse with a sword, then this is the camp for you. Remember - “It’s not what you fight, but what you fight for.”

How cool is that!