Mouse Guard Convention Flyer

I put together a convention flyer for the games I ran at Momocon (Georgia Tech fan convention - one of the largest free events in the country…over 5,000 by noon the first day).

I put a link on the wiki (I hope I configured that right)

and the direct Mediafire link is also available

What do you think? I couldn’t figure out how to create a neat border or parchment look. If you know how to ‘spruce it up’ let me know I have the raw Apple Pages file also.

Both of those links were broken when I followed them.

Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested is not available.
Find below links to the convention flyers I used earlier this year when I ran some back-to-back missions at a con.



How weird. I can see them…I’ll look into my Google Docs account to see what the problem might be. I can’t load something up to the wiki. If someone has access I’ll be glad to email them the files.

Apparently I need to invite people to share it. If this is something you want on the wiki let me know otherwise I’ll take it down.

Google doesn’t let you publish pdf’s, but some other formats are ok. I would go with MediaFire as it is a free unlimited upload service.

I moved it over to Mediafire

(I also fixed the link at the front of the post in case somebody searches for this later).

Sweet. Both yours and Pete’s looked nice and professional. Need to make some for our local con this summer.

Your winter one still has ‘autumn’ as a tag. I’m thinking it ought to be winter?

Your point is compelling. I shall thrash myself soundly for my carelessness. Change the tag too.

On a somewhat related note, I let the players choose the season for each game: both times the players plumped for winter regardless of what the flyer had written on it. I did say that winter was “a fat bastard” but having seen the winter comics folks just wanted some winter loving.