Mouse Guard Expansion

So I’m calling this an expansion, but I’m not quite sure what it really is. This is my first expansion/hack, so feedback is SO welcomed. That being said I would also like to know if there is anything I’m supposed to write on it to credit Mouse Guard and the writers and everyone…Just let me know what to write and I will.
Also I just came up with this yesterday and typed it today. So there may be plenty of spelling error and also I just wanted to see what you guys thought of it before I go TOO in depth into it.
So here it is.

Frozen Fears

Also it is a Pages file, so I realize not everyone has macs, so I’ll try to convert it to a different file type.

Frozen Fears
Here is the Word version.

Remember: you can print to PDF easily: file:Print, then button on lower left, save as PDF.
Also: colon is missing from the pages version url.

Also, the pages version is '09; I’m still on '08… as most users probably will be.

Should be [noparse][/noparse] to get

and the non-pages: http://http//

Thank you Aramis! This was my first time using mediafire. I think I understand what you are saying, but while I figure it out, for anyone who’s reading it, just use Aramis’s links. Also I did just change it to PDF, so here it is.

Frozen Fear

That worked nicely!

Yeah I figured out what I did wrong and changed it for the PDF. Score! Well I hope who ever reads it likes it.

No comments at all?

I have it downloaded but haven’t had a chance to pop it open yet. I hope to do so soon!