Mouse Guard Lifepaths?

I’m working my way backwards: started playing Mouse Guard last year, started a Burning Empires campaign last month, and now I’m paging through BW. I’m enjoying the Lifepaths in BW, especially for the Orcs, and looking through the LPs for the Rodens now has me thinking about how the character creation procedure in MG can be expanded along the lines of Lifepaths. I must admit, after character burning in BE I kept thinking, “all of this adding together, dividing in half, rounding down business to figure starting skill levels come to about the same as it did in MG where we just add 1 to each starting skill…”

Anyway, I just wrote up a series of Lifepaths for a campaign set in 1950 Berlin, and I’m having so much fun that I want to adapt BW lifepaths to MG… or, to be more precise, start a BW campaign in the Mouse Guard setting.

Am I the only crazy person to want MG a bit more complex with BW Lifepaths?

Maybe Luke or Thor ought to move this to Hacks & Expansions? Sounds like something that’d belong there, and I’d be surprised if someone hadn’t floated the idea already.