Mouse Guard Merchandise - HOPEFULLY

I am well aware of the merchandise available at the Mouse Guard website and I know that David has taken suggestions on his blog site on additional items that people would like to see but I wanted to put some ideas out here also. With enough good ideas from the people who support Mouse Guard maybe some of these items might make it into production. Let me begin with some of my ideas.

  1. I would LOVE to own a Mouse Guard polo/golf shirt that has the Mouse Guard crest over the left breast. The same crest that can be found on the stein at the Mouse Guard store. It would be stylish and could be worn casually or in a work environment.

  2. I would very much like to see 2 different t-shirt ideas I have make it into reality. The first would be to have a shirt with a picture of the collection of mice from the Mouse Guard RPG book on the back and the “David Peterson’s Mouse Guard” scroll on the left breast. The second shirt would be to have the Mouse Guard crest on the left breast and the cover picture for the new boxed set on the back of it. I think both of these would definetly find a place in my closet.

  3. A Mouse Guard messenger bag/computer bag with the crest on it would be cool to see/own.

  4. Last but not least, a long sleeve t-shirt with a large version of the Mouse Guard crest (luv that crest) centered on the front would also be sweet and find a home in my closet.

Feel free at this time to comment on my ideas and post your own. Hopefully some of this stuff may one day become a reality. (OH JOYOUS DAY!!!).

I’m thinking a Mouse Guard mouse pad.

How about mouse bookends for all my mouseguard books. :slight_smile:

A Black Axe letter opener, with Celanawe figure holder of course.

the ultimate sales item here:

*LIEAM, 3/4 swallowed by a black milk snake coiled and reared up (neck portion?). Possibly also featuring kenzie and saxon looking up from
the base with courage and awe/ horror (with weapons). The milk snake could be made from carbon fiber too (natural look) :slight_smile:
*milk snake has a pointy mouse broad sword penetrating out of its head.
*emblazened at the base are the words “IT’S NOT WHAT YOU FIGHT; [new line) BUT WHAT YOU FIGHT FOR.” preferably a gold-like metal
with silver/ chrome like wording.

this could be a paper weight, book-end, something to throw at your spouse/ g*friend, in-law, etc. SERIOUSLY, i believe this would be awesome and motivational.

another idea are the words THE GUARD PREVAIL with a statue/ model of a fox (animal) looking for mice in the snow (not below unless there is a cut-away). this would show/ idealize the hardships the MG will go through to accomplish their mission. it might be possible to show the animal wounded or irritated by the mice (box set pic of fox with arrow in snout) or the animal is fine and the MG/ mice are looking worn in the snow facing off against an animal/ predator/ competitor for food. I know it’s a lot of ideas. In the last idea the MG/ Mice could have their supplies lain (?)/ thrown about while confronting the animal indicating the hardship of winter, travel, and managing supplies. On of the MG may hwve fallen or be suffering chill blains or frostbite

whadya think? eh?

so idea 1) the MG / mice are having a stand-off against a predator, not too bad-off or hurt.
idea 2) the MG/ mice are having a potentially bad day, but “The Guard Prevail.”
2a) or Will Prevail …

How about MG dice? I know there’s a bunch in the boxed set, but being able to buy extras/replacements would be awesome.

I have seen this before but couldn’t find out where they were being sold.


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