Mouse Guard nominated for Origins award

It’s too bad Origins awards are trophies and not rings. Otherwise, Luke could shoot for one for each finger. :slight_smile:

I would love to see Mouse Guard win. It really is a masterfully done labor of love, a joy to read and play.

Voting is done at Origins. Please go to Origins and vote. Please tell all your friends at Origins how to vote.


Here’s the link:

Voting has not begun. They’re only accepting submissions at this time, based on what the website says.

Voting is not done on the internet. Voting is done at the convention.

Good to know. I wasn’t sure about that. (Didn’t have a chance to read the whole website.)

RPG of the year: Mouse Guard!!!

Congrats Luke and thank you for a great game!!!

Hellz yeah!

Yes. Congrats to you and David!! I just played Mouse Guard this last Friday. This is a wonderful game and wonderful comic. Looks like we are going to run this for several more sessions (shooting for a full season!).

Thanks, your games are inspiring, and this award is well deserved!

My hat’s off to the whole crew. Thanks for some great times!

Congratulations to Luke, David, and everyone else involved on a very well-deserved win! I’m celebrating by planning another session with some friends.

Congrats to David and Luke on the award win, as it was much deserved. It’s wonderful to see D&D get upstaged for once, just kidding, lol. Anyhow, hopefully we’ll see some additions to the RPG eventually, it’s great stuff!