Mouse Guard on IRC

Hello everyone.

This is my first post here.

I recently got Mouse Guard after having been introduced to the Burning Wheel system. I randomly stumbled across it and became quite keen on the idea. I got the book and am struggling to convince my IRC channel to play it. Nobody seems as enthusiastic about it as I do (which in turn is also bad because now I am limited solely to GMing).

I’d really like to get 3-5 players to play as part of a patrol for a few campaigns I am plotting out in my mind. I think I have two players so far. I will need a couple others. Please PM for more details.

Our channel is #s-run on the Undernet server of IRC. We also host Shadowrun games (primarily), as well as AD&D (mainly Dark Sun), Deadlands and Left 4 Dead, among a few others (like a random Star Wars campaign). If you’re new to IRC, you can go to and read about it.


A strange bit of synchronicity!

I’ve just found somebody who is wanting to play some IRC MG with me, and we were hunting for other players - I was coming here to put out a line to see if anyone would bite.

However… seeing as there is already someone requesting players, I’ll enter both of our names in and hope. We’re meeting on the Undernet as well, in a less-crowded channel, but we can shunt over onto #s-run easily enough.

Who might we be looking for, what time is best to show up, aaand of course; are you still looking?

I might be interested depending on when it was happening (I work a lot of hours). Would it be pregen characters or could we generate our own recruits?

Hmm, it’s been about two weeks since Otter posted… so I dunno if he’ll be back… Hope so, though!

Serpine: At the momenbt we don’t have any set day for a game, but me and the other fellow run on Mountain Time (-7GMT) and are online in the evenings. At this moment we’re trying to decide whether to play a pregenerated game so we can get the hang of things, or for me to try my hand at going from scratch.

If you want, simply show up on mIRC, using Undernet, and the channel is #wc:frontier. I myself go by the name of ‘Stone’ there, the other fellow is ‘String’, and occasionally there’ll be two or three other guys who hang out there as well.

If you see someone called ‘Arkrite’, tell him Stone says he’s a douche. He’ll understand.