Mouse Guard Online PBP Game

Hey folks!

New to the Burning wheel forum for mouse guard. Its been awesome reading some of the ideas that have been thrown around here.

I just started an online Forum based game for Mouse Guard, and thought some people might be interested in such a concept. The game is an open world game, that’s focused on the cause and effects the Players have the world. Each patrol is assigned a Story teller to ensure the characters are given opportunity to play. Along side story focused missions there is social role play options to explore the world.

The forum has just started and the game has just to really launch and we are currently looking for players to join the ranks of the Guard. If you might be interested or are curious to see what its all about. Swing by and say hi!



Has Mouse Guard Chronicles moved? Disappeared entirely?

It was looking very interesting, but the URL is no longer directing to proper site.

I think it has been removed : / Didn’t get any info about it moving.

Such a shame. They seemed to put a lot of work into it, then things faded.

How are you doing Majis?