Mouse Guard Reprints!

Hello Guardmice,

Good news: Both the Mouse Guard hardcover and Mouse Guard Boxed Set are being reprinted!

We have the chance to correct some errata in the documents.

Right now, I’m going to eliminate the OTHER CARDS segment of the supplement and the SICK CARD in the boxed set.

What else should I correct?

Be sure to refer to the 2ND PRINTING of the Hard Cover or the BOXED SET SOFT COVER if you think we should change something in the rules. If you have the first printing of the hard cover, we’ve probably already corrected that errata.


Thank you for hte chance to voice some potential changes. I might have other suggestions, but the first thing that comes to mind is this: on page 107, the Feint rules could be slightly clarified by changing the following sentence, “If played against an Attack, the Feinting player may not attack or defend.” to, “If played against an Attack, the Feinting player may not test; the mouse may neither attack nor defend, but the player should still narrate the actions intended in the Feint.”

You already caught all the ones I could think of from the first printing!

The only thing… and it really is being super picky… On the sample character sheet shown with Sadie’s information on it, the trait section misspells “Beneficial”.

That’s an error on the sheet being prnted in the book.

Boxed set core book page 308 Life on the Road section says that Guard Captains and Patrol Leaders may take a trait, but then it states that Guardmice and Tenderpaws may not. Patrol Guard are not mentioned. If PGs are allowed a third trait, Saxon and Sadie (pages 23, 39, 275, 276) need one more. If PGs don’t, then Dain, Quentin, and Kyle (pages 282, 283, 290) should have a trait removed.

good point. I had never noticed that.

Boxed set page 108 under Tired: “You can a good night’s rest from the generosity of your friend, your parents…”
Insert receive, get or other suitable synonym.

Thanks for the help, friends.


I don’t have second printings of the rules. Did you insert a line about 6 being the maximum an ability may be advanced to?

On page 111, Under the Heading “What Skill Do I Use?” Negotiation is described as allowing players to choose Persuader OR Deceiver for Maneuver or Feint. The table condensing the Skill choices for conflicts on page 113 though states that Feint and Manuever action may only use Deceiver, unlike the ones for Argument that states Deceiver or Persuader.

Anyway, hope that this helps. (And I hope that I am right in pointing this out.)

Hello all! I read the comics before finding out about the RPG and couldn’t help but to buy it when I saw it in a FLGS. Anyways! I just read the 2nd Edition (hardcover) for the first time over the course of several days (I bought it the day the OP was made… go figure). There were a few things I think that could be added (and changed possibly but I have yet to play a MG game so ignore that last part for now!), most of which is just superficial, it’s nothing that could be used to help change the errata since I have yet to play through a full session.

Onto the stuff I think that could be added (and this is off the top of my head):

  1. When one turns from page 261 to 262 there is no intro to the traits and their descriptions, the book just launches into them and I half expected a title “Trait” and maybe a little blurb “Here are those traits you always hear about!” I just felt that since the skills had an intro of sorts (pg. 241) that traits could use one.

  2. Again on page 261, in the section titled “Charge a Trait: 3 Checks” do you mean “Change a Trait: 3 Checks”? Also in the italics you say “Lieam spends three of his checks to charge his Determined trait…” and in the last sentence you have “You may only charge a level 1 trait before you use it this session.” I’m not sure if its misspelling or I just read that completely wrong and if that last part is correct could someone explain it to me. Thank you :slight_smile:

  3. In the “Sample Missions” chapter you have the town of Grasslake as the main setting for the mission but in the chapter, “The Territories” it’s not mentioned at all. I feel that having a thorough description of Grasslake in there somewhere might be a good idea.

  4. In Winter 1152 I think the cut-away spread and the picture of the pile of mice bones or from one of the sections of Saxon or of Sadie and Kenzie exploring its environs be added. Since Darkheather played such a large part in the Territories’ history I think having a few pictures of its interior added to the book would help players and GMs get a feel for the place and maybe give them a visual reminder if they haven’t read the comic in a while. These could be added to the “Darkheather And The Wild Country” section on pages 189 and 190. The following pages after the Darkheather cut-away in Winter 1152 have a line up of mice in various appearances showing off the diversity of the mice/mouse cultures permeating throughout the Territories and I figured it could be added in “The Territories” or the “Denizens of the Territories” chapter(s).

  5. Going back to the Sprucetruck section in “The Territories” chapter (pgs. 180-182) it doesn’t mention that they secretly concoct the potion used by the Mouse Guard along the Scent Border. I think a quick blurb in the paragraphs that describe the village as well as in the “Import/Export” section you could add, “Sprucetuck also give the Mouse Guard the elixir used along the scent border.”

Not sure what this does for the errata but I hope it helps somewhat.

  1. Charge is correct, but I guess that usage is more American. You’re charging up the trait by using the checks.

Hmm… … OOOOHHHH!!! I think I get it. So the trait is only boosted for that session and that session alone, not permanently for the following sessions.


“If you need extra oomph, you may spend three checks to boost one of your traits to the next level for the remainder of the session.” - page 261

The amount of threads involving questions about “Teamwork” (pg 102) and “Multiple Teams, Multiple Actions” (pg 114) says they needs clarification, examples, etc.

That’s my humble opinion.

Out of curiosity, what happened with the reprints? Were you able to make any corrections? I was planning on buying a 2nd copy but decided to wait to see what happened after seeing this thread when you made the announcement.

I have no idea. Archaia isn’t very communicative.

That’s a bummer.

Any word on this?
I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding the book - multiple orders cancelled, that sort of thing. The boxed set, meanwhile, is selling for $300-$400, which seems excessive.
So there being more copies in circulation sounds like a good thing to me, even without the errata. (Or maybe I just have bad luck or something? My local gaming store sold their last copies at a con last weekend. They sounded pretty confident they’d be getting more in. I don’t know anything about their supplier, though, so for all I know, those copies were the last ones available.)

Unfortunately, Archaia has declined to reprint either the book or the boxed set. Sorry. I wish I had better news.

dammit! >_<

I was hoping the next post would be, CHECK OUT THE NEW GOODIES IN SECOND PRINT!!!

sorry to hear it