Mouse numbers


Having read next to nothing about the comics I was wondering if mouse population is done according to real world standards (a million zillion mice sprout from one mouse mom, (lol)) or is the mouse more humanized (4 or less babies, on average)?

A helluva lot or just the right number?


Well you really should read the comics! It will help out LOADS when playing the game.

THANKS! Having read the comics, could you answer the question, please?


It’s not specifically stated in the comics. Drawing from hints in the comics and the RPG I think it’s more a human style birthing system. The idea really is humanized mice and this goes for more then just speech and culture. They talk, they walk upright, they love each other. It seems like if there’s a choice between “mice-ness” and “human-ness”, go for human!




PS: [b]I find it fascinating the reaction I get when my (very) adult players first see/hear about the Mouse Guard RPG versus when they’re done skimming it:

“Huh? this is kid’s stuff… no way in heck I’m playing this (when we can be playing Dark Heresy/Pandemonium/Conan/Sorcerer/Whispering Vault/Pendragon/[insert your “grim & dark RPG here”]), duuude!”

“HECK YEAH I WANNA PLAYYYYYY-YAY!!!” (does a James Hetfield impression)

Yeah, MG can be played pretty dark if you do it right. It’s one of the hidden (or not so hidden) gems of the setting.


Victor beat me to it but this is pretty much it. As far as we know human’s don’t exist in the world thus the Mice take over that position from a storytelling role and for purposes of the world.