Mouse religions/cultures

while I am unsure whether this belongs in the “territories” section or this one, I will put this here.

Before the birth of the territories there where many mouse religions and cultures. mice lived apart from one another and so each household had its own micro culture, once the settlements began to be created the cultures and beliefs began to meld together, the outcome: the religions of the mouse territories!

In the south eastern towns, lillygrove, birchflow, Etc. a sort of ancestor worship is predominant, statues are built in honor of notable members of the deceased. During the mourning period (one week and a day) the community gathers and through large parties to rejoice in the life of the departed. the bodies of dead mice are burnt in circular pyres, so that their soul may rise to the heavens to join they’re loved ones and the first mouse Mus. In fact the celebration of Musfire is honored with a funery pyre to mark Mus’s days of passing. each family is responcible for the placation and honoring of their dead, and only they may speak for their dead. (i.e no priests or shaman etc.)

The central part of the territories as well as the sand mason-shorstone area, include mice from many different back rounds so many of the different mouse cultures are seen in these areas.

Gilpledge, Appleloft, and Dorigift revere and celebrate their founders Dorice and Gilbert. Annually the population of these town gather in a week long festival in Gilpledge to celebrate the lives of their founders. A play telling of the many heroic deeds commited by the couple is performed along with many other festivities. each town has a loremouse who is responcible for keeping the towns records. Each mouse dictates the events of their life (perticularly their “sins”) to the loremouse so that the weasel spirits that surround the forest cannot harm them. The loremouse of each town acts as a medium, speaking with the founders to have them keep the spirits away.

Many of the towns and cities belive religion is backwards and old fashioned. this belife is held preticularly strongly in Shaleburrow and Sprucetuck.

Wolfepointe is home to the blue shaman. The shaman of the village use woad to die their fur blue, in reverance of the wise spirit Waeghan. their are many supersticions (sp?) esspecially around conduct outside of the village. cairs are used to mark resources and give thanks to the spirit of that resource EX. a Cair with a white dyed snowflake marks thanks to Tyde the father of winter, such a cairn is placed by warm shelters.

thats all for now… just a brain storm so far, suggestions, questions?
oh also I’ve been thinking of attaching some super lite magic to the different religions and making a dreamtime/spirit world … so yeah.

I like the Musfire idea. Are pyres lit but no bodies burnt; i.e., is it done in effigy? Or are the dead shored up somewhere until Musfire and then there’s a mass funeral week? (I guess there’d be problems with the latter due to bodies attracting predators…)

I also like the Gilpledge founders celebration. For my own games, I’d probably leave the confession of sins and medium part out and just have the celebration. It’d be a good escort mission setup: Escort to Gilpledge a Sprucetuck scientist who has made fireworks for the celebrations.

A mouse that shows up periodically annoying guardmice with pamphlets about finding salvation through “The Owl” sounds kind of funny. Until you realize that instead of offering you salvation he is actually offering you as a sacrifice.

“And he shall puketh pellets filled with the bones of the unholy” So sayeth the owl and the owl is the word. Go in peace.

The pyre’s during Musfire would be symbolic.

I think David had touched on this ever so slightly when the Mouse Guard Forum at ASP comics was still active.