So in case you missed this.

MTV Geek unboxed the Mouse guard RPG Boxed set. Word is it’ll be out late August.

This all looks really great, and I can’t wait until it hits my door. My only grief… WHY COULDN’T THE WEAPON CARD OF THE MACE BE ON THE TOP OF THE PILE!!!

Very much looking forward to its release. I was disappointed when I saw its release date pushed back to January, but I would rather wait for it to be perfected instead of getting a rushed product. (Or at least that is what Amazon has it listed as. It was listed as a August release in May.)

Amazon does not have any actual release information.

I suppose it’s called a ‘teaser’ for a reason. :slight_smile:

Well if you look at the item listing it says it will be released Jan.10th 2012 under the item description. Now weather they release it sooner through the Burning Wheel web store I have no clue, but that is just what Amazon has it listed as.(Trust me, I keep checking it every couple of weeks to see if it changes.)

He’s saying that Amazon does not have accurate information. Amazon’s dates are wrong.


Ahh. I misunderstood. I figured since I couldn’t find a release date anywhere else that this was the accurate one.(the whole it’s the only one with an actual date must be better than a vague “sometime” listing.)

Do you have a street date that is not at GenCon, for those of us not going?


Experience has taught me that Amazon feels like they must have a release date on anything they list. They pick something arbitrary that makes sense in their heads but has nothing to do with reality. Or at least is within the year.

Take, for example, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bioware has stated that they’ll tell us when the release date is in September, but Amazon immediately listed it as releasing Dec. 31, 2011.

If Amazon is the only place listing a release date, it means there is no release date yet.

That makes sense. This is the first RPG I have anticipated the release of a new book, generally I wait a month or more after release, so I am not familiar with how they work.

My experience lies in table top games where the farthest date out there is more reliable than internet rumors from a MTG review.:stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to know that I might not have to wait as long now. Will be watching the boards for more info.

Luke has just tweeted that the Box Set is available at GenCon (Booth 311). Doesn’t say when it goes on general release or through which retailer.

…and Archaia have just tweeted a response to my question on the box set’s general release. The reply “The Box Set will be out later this month!”

Most likely the last Wednesday of the month going by most distributors in my neck of the woods.

Great news. Thanks John for the research and update.

No worries, it’s good to share. The funny thing is I’ve just received an email from amazon advising me of a new delivery date for the boxset of September 23. They really are using a dartboard to determine delivery dates.