My first stab at Monster Burning - The Qwyth


Concept: This monster is born when the land is wounded by someone with a hateful heart. The monster is possessively obsessed with the wounded land, which it prowls looking for intruders for it to kill and eat.

Stats: Will B8; Perception B5; Agility B4; Speed B5; Power B5; Forte B5;

Attributes: Steel B7; Hesitation 2; Health B5; Reflexes: 4; Resources B0;

Skills: Tracking B4; Observation B4; Brawling B5; Stealthy B4; Stalking-wise B3; Injured lands-wise B3;

Traits: Very keen sense of smell(die); Blind(die); Horrible maw(die); Hunts by smell(die); Mouth for a face(char); Extremely possessive(char); Indiscriminately hostile(char); Murderous(char); Spindly and crooked(char); Stench(char);

PTGS: SU:B3, LI:B6, MI:B8, S:B9, T:B10, M:B11

Bare fist I:B3, M:B5, S:B7, shortest, VA -, Spd 3.
Horrible maw I:B4, M:B7, S:B10, shortest, VA -, Spd 3, can Lock and Strike

Never stray far from the land that spawned me.
Kill and consume all humans who come near my home.
Waddle first, then explode into motion.


I savour their fear, because it fills the nothingness.
I will punish even those who run; I will dare venture a ways away from my home, if it means catching a fleeing intruder.
Leave their remains as a warning to others.

Monstrous Intelligence:
The creature is intelligent, but simple-minded in its hate-shrouded obsession.

Monstrous Speech:
This creatures does not have the faculties to speak, nor a mind for letters. At best it can gurgle and hiss hatefully.

Final Point Totals:
Qwyth: 22 common trait points, 29 stat points, 16 skill points, Average stat is B5

Notes: Very keen sense of smell trait add +2D to tracking and perception tests made to locate prey. Hunts by smell trait removes blindness penalties to agility and speed when chasing and killing prey.

It’s missing traits to describe its physical form, like middling stature or humanoid.

I didn’t bother entering those in the post, because it was my impression that the logic of monster burning was “if it’s like a human don’t bother writing it”. It’s middling stature.

Thanks Kublai =)

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