My first time playing Mouse Guard as a player

After running like 14 sessions of Mouse Guard with improving success, one of the players in my campaign decided he wanted to try GMing. I was really happy with this since now i could play MG for the first time (i played in a few PbP games but never live at a table).

I played a Tenderpaw called Clint from Wolfepointe, a decent fighter and knowledgeable about all the insects (Apiarst and Insectrist) as well as a scout. My mentor is an old veteran of the weasel war and we where accompanied by a fat patrol guard with a huge love for eating cooking and baking.

Gendwolyn send us on a mission to bring a cart with food to Dorigift - whose reserves where empty. We found a cart full of food and a fat old cartbettle. Clint instantly went on the wagon and used his cattle whip to get the bettle in motion. As he is in no way a pathfinder and was way to determined to get in good favour with the oldfurs to apriciate their help.
So we got stuck in the mud and i had to motivate the bettle to get the cart out of it. I failed and got angry.
The GM then called for a second pathfinder to get us to Dorigift and we failed again (there was not really a twist or a condition there at that moment)

We arrived and found the Dorigift mice had evacuated because the tree that houses DG was attacked by termites. Clint got into a discussion with Abram about what to do next. The older mice wanted to cook the stuff for the DG mice but i wanted to go and get rid of the termites before the tree is lost (they have own cooks after all). Of course i lost against his whooping 5 persuader…

more to come

So our dutyfull patrolcook went on to prepare a good meal. Later we sat together and discussed on how we should deal with the termintes. A plan was hatched that Clint would go on scout into the tree looking for the amount of opposition. I failed my roll (not sure what the complication was) and we went in and fought against 5 termite drones.
The GM was a bit weak here. His goal was to make us leave the tree - our goal was to kill all the termites in the tree, if we could take 5 of them then the rest would be no problem.
We lost with a major compromise and got tired or hungry from the fight but exterminated the vermin.

We then went into the player turn (the GM and i agreed later that this was way to late)

I had 6 checks, the other had 4 and 3 i think.
I used my first check to establish that this region was famous for it’s custom that older, more experienced mice must fight duels without their weapons (duel-wise)
and then fought a duel with the cook because he had wronged me.
I wanted to get his respect, that he will treat me like a proper Guardmouse - he wanted to humiliate me.
I lost with a major compromise. The cook won the duel by bodyslamming my mouse into the mud but both where good friends then. This action also won me the respect of my mentor (this was my goal).
We spend most checks for recovery. Our fearless oldfur made a bellyplate-light armor from termine shells to protect the fat mouse’s most notable part. The cook went out with Clint and gathered food for our travel. We failed that test and gathered a few termine eggs that will hopefully later come back to bite us in the tail.

Clint then tryed to pathfind us back to Lockhaven… we got lost again and arrived much more east (Rootwallow i think) and the oldfur began to instruct Clint about pathfinding (i now have 3 of my 4 needed test to learn pathfinding. HOORAY).
For my last check i tryed to circle up a Guardmouse. I actually wanted to circle up a Mouse that has information from Lockhaven but then we as a group decided to circle up some young recruits that would want to to join the guard. I failed (of course) and they will be a huge pain for us in the next session.

I had a lot of fun, mostly with the bettle and the chance to play out my insectrist skill. The player turn was cool because we had a lot of chance to do stuff but failed a bit because there was no need for us to do something - no pressure on us.
I had fun showing the other player the amount of stuff you can do in the player turn (establishing stuff with wises, circling up mice with specific information, pathfinding back to Lockhaven, starting a conflict in the patrol) and played more or less like i wanted to play or how i think one should play MG.
The GM had a few failures. Retesting pathfinder, giving us a way to long player turn, not challenging BIGs, having not really a twist in two situations but i had a good talk with him afterwards and he has no a much clearer picture on how to run the game best. (in our opinion)

We will play another session next week and then back to my campaign. We will probably find a good rhythm and change up weekly or twiceweekly.

Mouse Guard is so cool

Oh almost forgot, it feels suprisingly good to hand someone a helping die.