My friend the teacher - will he brake the game

Hey folks,

my mouse Clint has Paul - Teacher in Grasslake as his friend. Friends may test on my behalf without requiring checks right? How much instruction can i get out of him?

One test? Is this a trick question?
How long would you spend in Grasslake? Probably one PT. So one test.

I only get one test from a friend in a player turn? That seems about right.
I was unsure about it because there is not really a guideline for it.

Your mentor, friend and parents can provide you with food and rest. Those are the equivalents of a single recovery test. A character whom you bring into the game with Circles will perform a single test for you. It follows that your friend would also perform a single test of his specialty. I hope you’re ready to sit down and have him teach you Mouse History. :slight_smile:

I was more thinking of Militarist actually. Clint could use a good moral lesson though… Tales about Mouse heroes just put thoughts in his little mind…

Your friend the teacher is an ex-Captain?