So, if one would hack Mouse Guard and get the idea that it would be a good idea for different player characters to have different natures, would this be recommended against by all you Mouse Guard hacking veterans.

I understand how nature should be something you are in conflict with, but is there an important aspect in the game that every player character is in conflict with his nature in the same way?

Do you mean different players choosing different species or whatnot? Like having a weasel in with mice, or a mouse among weasels?

Or do you mean all mice, but each with different Nature descriptors?

If you have a hack with different species/race/etc who could be together, I don’t see a huge issue. They’d have different Natures.

However, I wouldn’t change Natures within a given species/race. It’s in their nature to be or do whatever is listed. Altering it would effectively make them part of a different species/race.

Same Nature means the group is struggling against a common element. Different Natures (and we’ve tried this) means each player in the group is competing against the other players in the group. It’s a different game.


This very subject has been percolating in my brain as I’ve been thinking about using Mouse Guard for fantasy a la Burning Wheel.

I’m not sure where I’m going on the subject so I’m very interested in hearing other people’s ideas on the subject.

Awesome! That was what I was thinking. So the choice is really if the hack is going to center around the group and teamwork or the individual and party conflicts.