Need help understanding teamwork within a Fight Conflict.

I understand that the helping mice add a helping die in the roll for disposition, but its unclear to me what the advantages are past that. If a patrol is comprised of one mouse that has a fighting rating of 5 and another with a fight rating of 3, isn’t it best that the mouse with the higher rating take on the fight solo?

The idea is that once you’ve helped with the disposition roll, you’re stuck on that team. A player can’t go twice in a row if there’s more than one mouse on a team, so you have to switch off. The strategy with multiple team members is that there are usually 2 skills (or attributes) that are used in a conflict. In a Fight conflict, for example, you’d be using Fighter to Attack and Feint, but you’d use your Nature to Defend and Maneuver. So Rambo McMouse might have Fighter 5, but as a result of his hardened combat prowess he may only have 3 Nature. On the other hand, his teammate might have a low Fighter score, but his Nature might be through the roof. The trick is using your mice to the best effect within the structure of the Conflict system. There may be times when it WOULD be best for a mouse to just solo a fight, but even the most badass of mice and men is sometimes saddled with a partner who needs protecting and may decrease the effectiveness of the whole team–that is, until it’s HIS turn to shine.

I was already thinking up ways to house-rule it, but after reading your reply it makes more sense and gives us more to chew on when deciding tactics. Thank you for clearing that up!