Negotiating the compromise


in my first DoW we had a bit of a quarrel. Once the DoW is over who do you come to the compromise? Can the loosing player just declare “hey, this is the compromise i want” or does the winning player say “here, this is what i give you”? What say does the other side have in this negotiation, what say has the GM if it is between players? What can other players do?

Do you have the Adventure Burner? Page 313 talks a bit about compromise.

Didn’t i tell you in the other threat i don’t have it?

I think that Luke is suggesting that you should buy it. [Edit] I see from the other thread that purchasing it would be more inconvenient for you than it was for me. My neighborhood store magically stocks all BW products, I keep forgetting that this is not true for many people.

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Each side involved in the DoW presents a compromise and decide together which one they like better. If you’re having trouble, any third parties (like players that didn’t participate in the DoW) can present a compromise. Neither side can impose a compromise without the other side’s approval.