New Class: Kobold Skulk

The players in my game have sort of befriended a warren of Kobolds, so I have announced that as long as they remain on peaceful terms, Kobold is a legit character selection choice.


Class: Skulk
Raw Abilities: Choose Will 3, Health 4, or Will 4, Health 3
Skills: Criminal 3, Dungeoneer 3, Scavenger 3, Scout 3, Fighter 2, Survivalist 2
Trait: Cruel Sense of Humor
Weapons: Any except crossbow, two-handed sword, halberd, polearm, lance. May use Bombs.
Armor: Leather, Chainmail, Helmet

Homeland Option: Kobold Burrow
Skills: Alchemist, Carpenter, Laborer
Traits: Cunning, Curious, Foolhardy

Wises: Choose Trap-Wise or Bomb-Wise, and then take another Wise of your choice.

Nature: Nature Starts at 3. Your Nature Descriptors are Trapping, Lurking, and Swarming.
Answer the following questions.

When an ally accidentally falls into your trap, do you throw rocks and rotten vegetables at them, or do you let them out?
*If you throw rocks and vegetables at anyone foolhardy enough to fall into your trap, raise Nature by 1.
*If you let people out of your traps on occasion, you may replace or increase your home trait with Generous or Honorable.

When you encounter a threat like an Owlbear or party of Adventurers, do you flee and regroup with greater numbers, or do you kill them and take their stuff?
*If you run away to regroup, raise Nature by 1, but decrease Fighter by 1.
*If you kill fell beasts and take their stuff, no change to Nature.

If you are Male: When you encounter a strange new item, is your first instinct to light it on fire?
*If you light things on fire on a whim, raise Nature by 1.
*If you wait and see before lighting things on fire, you may replace or increase your home trait with Skeptical or Thoughtful.

If you are Female: When negotiating with a greater monster, such as a Minotaur or Dragon, do you bow and offer the obeisance of your tribe, or do you boldly announce your presence and attempt to negotiate as an equal?
*If you offer loyalty to greater monsters, raise Nature by 1.
*If you attempt to bargain on equal footing, you may replace or increase your home trait with Extravagant or Fiery.

New Trait: Cruel Sense of Humor
Some accuse Kobolds of being cruel, sick, and twisted. While not wrong, Kobolds have been shown to have vast reserves of low cunning, excelling at dirty tricks, low blows, and subterfuge. Of course, sometimes a Kobold’s nature causes it to go out of its way to be cruel.
Starting Gear:
Start with any weapon you can use of your choice. You begin the game with Leather Armor. You may also begin the game with a single Kobold Bomb (hand/carried 1 or pack 2), if you desire.

New Weapon: Kobold Bomb
A Kobold Bomb provides +1 success to Attack in a Fight type conflict, and explodes after use. When Attack is used vs. another Attack, the Attack actions are Versus instead of Independent, and the Kobold’s successes damage both sides dispositions.

Making Kobold Bombs:
New Create Inflammable Factor: Damages both sides: Subtracts 3 from obstacle to create.

Creating a Kobold Bomb is an Obstacle 3 Alchemy test.

Kobold Level Benefits:

Level 1: Skulk.
You can use all weapons except crossbow, two-handed sword, halberd, polearm, lance. May use Bombs. You may equip Leather, Chain, or a Helmet.

Level 2:
Sneaky Bastard
As the level 2 Thief Ability Surprise Attack.

Add +1 to Camp rolls and Camp Events in Natural Caves.

Level 3:
The Kobold gains +1D to set, disarm, or detect traps.

Rock Hoarder
You always have a few small stones handy. Your Sling ammunition does not take up an inventory slot, in addition to any other practical uses you can find for the rocks.

Level 4:
Accustomed to the Dark
Ignore the obstacle penalty for dim light, and take only a +1 ob penalty for total darkness.

When you are eliminated in a Conflict, you may choose to Flee. You suffer Grind, but will not be included in any compromise or failed outcome from the Conflict.

Level 5:
When you Help in a Fight or Pursuit conflict, your help is worth +2D instead of +1D.

Choose one: Slings get +4D to maneuver, or Slings keep their bonus against Bows and Crossbows.

Not 100% sure about ordering of level bonuses or Nature questions- they seem close, but not as spot-on as the ones for the races in the book.