New Creature(s)

Having spent some time burning up a panserbjorn, and seeing a recent thread about it being a good idea to add monsters, I felt I should share. I’ve vaguely considered making these a full burnable Stock, but its been ages since I read the books.

Wi B4 Pe B5 Ag B4 Sp B4 Po B8 Fo B7
(33 total)

Hea B6 Ref B4 MW B13 Ste B7 (Hes 6)
Su B4 Li B7 Mi B10 Se B11 Tr B12 MW B13

Stride 9, 7 whilst on two legs.

Bear Etiquette B3
Armourer B5
Armour Training
Savage Attack B5
Hunting B2
Fire Hurler B3
Icy Wastes-wise B2
(16 skill points)

Great Bear Form- Massive Stature, Stride 9/7, opposable thumbs. Really large. Poisonous liver. (9)
Deep Fur - ignores tests and penalties related to cold weather. After prolonged exposure to hot weather, +1Ob to all tests (5)
Bjorntroede (BearThink) - +2 Ob to be feinted against or lied to. Does not doubt, lie or scheme. Finds luxury distasteful. (6+3 from Pita)
Piercing Fangs- +2 Pow, VA1 WS1 Short fangs (11)
Stocky, Rending claws- +2 Pow, VA- WS X Short claws. Grants +2 D for stability (10)
(Total 44)

Plated Mail. SQ. Sized for a panserbjorn
Fire-Hurler. Stats as Heavy Crossbow but shoots blasts of fire. <or something else>

B1 I am panserbjorn, I will not allow those who dishonour our kin entry into my fortress.
B2 Never trust a human, or their traps.
B3 I am the strongest of the warriors, I shall find ways to prove this

I1 Tend my armour. Always.
I2 if my armour is in perfect condition, hunt for myself.
I3 Let the loser of a duel live.

All in all, extremely powerful but not overly so, I feel.

Please PEACH. And if you want to add your own creation, you can start here if you don’t want to make a new thread.

That’s gonna take a LOT of heavy crossbows to take down.

I find it scary that this thing would still probably fall to a skilled crossbow user (if it started at extreme). But you’re right, maybe a lower grade of armour would suit.

Wildly guessing here, but a Panzerbjorn is an armored bear monstrosity, right?

Panserbjørne are from the “His Dark Materials” trilogy. The name is literally “armored bear” and that’s what they are: intelligent bears known for their armor. They don’t interact much with humans, but they’re not really monsters.

At a glance that looks like a good stat block. I wouldn’t want to get in a fight or an argument with one, which covers my expectations.

Yeah. I think options to tweak them are adding Intimidation and/or another social skill. But I couldn’t really think what skill, other than potentially Command or Oratory, suited their forthright, honest, but extremely savvy style.

On another note: panserbjørn literally means “armoured bear”. I think panserbjørne is actually “armoured children”. A mistake in the first printing leads to the confusion, but Danish spelling doesn’t help.

Oh, I know that series. Golden Compass, right? Intimidation would probobly be good. Especially for the creatures nature, being a giant armored bear.