New lifepath - Bikers!

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This is the last one, I promise.

Outcast & Criminal
Time: 4 yrs
Resources: 1
Circles: 0
Stat bonus: none
Skills: 5 pts: Grav Bike-wise (Per), Pilot (Per/Agi), Conspicuous (Wil), Shortcut-wise (Per), Cop-wise (Per)
Traits: 2 pts: Biker, Daredevil, Resigned to Death, Addicted
Requirements: Born to Rule, Born on the Streets, Kid, Urchin, Courier (either Court or Freeman setting), Prostitute, Hillbilly, Hive Thug, or Freebooter

Everyone who doesn’t get it, go watch the speeder bike chase from Return of the Jedi and then immediately watch the bike gang sequences from Akira, preferably while munching amphetamines like popcorn.

I am strangely proud to say that I am fairly confident that’s the most unusual life of prerequisite lifepaths in the Burning Empires setting to date.

/gasp/ no Clown-wise?

Heh. I came very close to giving them the character trait “Tetsuoooooo!” but decided it might be a bit too much of an in-joke.

haha. yeah, how many times have i heard “if they yell each others names one more time i’m gonna go crazy”? quite a few…

so… are you saying there are geeks out there who haven’t seen Akira?

Also, these guys aren’t only gangbangers. Some of them would be the Low Index equivalent of your friendly neighborhood crazed bike messenger, like the one who tried to pass in the 24-inch gap between my taxi and the parked cars and crashed headlong into the door when I opened it (this, apparently, was my fault], or the guy who comes to your office weirdly often that you suspect of dealing drugs.

Here’s an obscure one: The pizza delivery guys from Attack the Gas Station.

yes! order one of everything and don’t pay!

The Geek Saturation Index for this online discussion has now exceeded OSHA-recommended levels. All non-geeks are advised to back away slowly. Do not touch eyes or mouth; remove all clothing and place it in a sturdy plastic bag; and shower thoroughly with soap and water as soon as possible.

The rest of us can proceed.

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