New Lifepath: General

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My group and I are in process of burning a new game. We’re in a setting formerly governed by a now deposed king who had a standing army that was led by one particular General. The King has been killed and his 11 year old heir has been captured. The PCs first job is to rescue the heir. Their second job might be to reclaim their kingdom.

One of the PCs is playing the General in question, whom we have tentatively named Mikolas Dytel. Mikolas is now an outcast looking to win back his former kingdom, army, and monarch by defeating the army to which he just lost. Now, I think taking two Captain lifepaths can accomplish the General concept, but I also thought I’d play around with the lifepath burner and see what I’d come up with.

The thing is … I’ve never burned a lifepath before, so I don’t know if this rings true. I thought I’d post it here and ask y’all for feedback. So. Thoughts?

6 years
Leads: Any
Stat: +1 M
Resources: 40
Skills- 9 points: Strategy, Logistics, Etiquette, Noble-wise, Administration, Supply-lines wise, Persuasion, Mounted Combat Training
Traits- 2 points: Disciplined, Fearless, Commanding Aura
Requirements: Captain or Ship’s Captain

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P.S. I’m particularly puzzled by the traits. On the one hand, this lifepath does allow the character to experience many different cultures (those he defeated in building his king’s empire). It might also drive a character a little crazy, what with the dual responsibility of keeping the king and his nobles happy, while also having to keep his soldiers inspired, motivated and in line. All of that means it should receive 2 trait points. But. Given the resources, skills and the power of the second and third traits, are 2 points too powerful?

On the face of it, I would not give him access to mounted combat training. Actually fighting is not what the lifepath does. Maybe give hime access to riding instead, because the generals did dash about the field on a horse and give orders.

Also generals are well know for giving a piece of oratory to the troops before battle. Some such speeches are recalled and retold over the millenia. So I would include oratory. Also, I would not have persuasion, I would have command.

Maybe more wises such as Unhappy-Troops-wise? Many old armies are made of soldiers for pay - Mercenary-wise? Wherever there are armies there are prostitues so, Prostitutes-wise? The biggest killer of troops is disease so Disease-wise? Breaking towns is crititcal so Siege-wise? The employer of generals King-wise? Last but not least something like Better-part-of-Valour-wise. The general knows when to retreat.

If you want the general to be exposed to foreign influences give him a point or 2 of general skills.

Maybe you have given him too many skill points. What makes me say that is he can with the current set up buy one of each and still have one left over. This seems to break one of Lukes cardinal rules. You have to make hard choices that have consequences. Maybe he does not have enough resources. A general has a lot of connections and the opportunity of loot.

First, thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate them a great deal.

Second, I actually considered this very debate up front. In hindsight, I think you have the right of it. I went with Mounted Combat, because when a commander did fight, they fought on horseback. And neither Captain nor Ship’s Captain have Mounted Combat. But I accept I was wrong now. I will make this change.

Agreed on the larger point. I think I will probably leave it as is, at least for now, because of Luke’s ideas in the Lifepath Burner, specifically the one that tells you to consider the lifepaths that come before the one you’re burning.

I like this idea a lot. A lot a lot. But I have to limit the number of skills in the path and the others seem more important.

I thought about this up front, too. You might be right.

Anyway, thanks again!

Before anything else, look at Noble Court:Constable - this is the default high rank military officer path, where they have moved more into political circles to aid the needs of the military; It might be what you’re really looking for, maybe with some tweaks to suit your game. Notice even he doesn’t have Strategy as a LP skill, it’s that rare in this day and age. It’s a GP spend skill I think.
I’d read this for understanding the lifepath -

Unsurprisingly, I think along the same lines as my mate Justin… I’d skip Mtd Combat, and put in Ride [So ships captains can access it], I’d replace Persuasion with Oratory. I’d skip Command though, as everyone who can get to this path also has it as a required skill. Stock up on wises, maybe reduce the number of skill points unless you want to build a monster.

Huh. We so misunderstood that lifepath. Thank you so much for the explanation as to what it actually means!

It’s a bit more political than what we’re going for, but it definitely gives me a model on which to build. So, again thank you.

As to these, when three folks come together to work-shop creative work, and two of them think the third is wrong, there’s a pretty good chance the third is, in fact, incorrect. I will make the changes, per your suggestions.

Thank you both!


No, don’t take that as Gospel… that’s how the Council of Nicaea ended up.
[Pun intended] :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I forgot to also suggest Thinker as a bit of a model.

Give him ‘gout’ as a trait. :slight_smile:

I think Advisor to the Court after Captain has a sort of General feel to it.

You might want to look at Iron Empires for your general inspiration. There are about 6 different flavours of general there. The Void Lord is a someone ruling armed forces in the frontiers and back waters They are Bitter and have access to Frustrated and Righteous. A different general has a characteristic called REMF which indicates how the general slinks at the back of the troops.

Fuseboy’s Gout makes me think that in addition to a madatory first trait, it would be gret to have two optional traits. One indicates a disolute or cowardly path and another that relflects a general who is suffering alongside their troops. Or some other such path. The first trait should be the one which reflects the experience that all generals share. That which they can not escape no matter what their underlying character.

All great ideas, Justin. Thank you.