New medical lifepaths & skill

EDIT: The stats in this thread are working drafts. Please see the final versions on the Burning Empires Wiki.

In an earlier thread, I proposed:

To which Johnstone replied with a beautifully cynical sense of the setting:

So, going pretty much directly from those suggestions, I’ve made up a medical lifepath for each of the settings that I thought still needed one, as well as a Public Health skill and a couple of new traits:

Setting: Freeman
Time: 5 yrs
Resources: 0
Circles: 1
Stat bonus: none
Skills: 5 pts: Field Dressing (Per/Agi), Pharmacology (Per), Bureaucracy (Wil/Per), Grossly inadequate clinic-wise (Per), No such thing as informed consent-wise (Per)
Traits: 1 pt: Exhausted, Burned, Hard Hearted, Just Following Orders, Friendly Face
Requirements: any Student

Court Physician
Setting: Stewardship & Court
Time: 6
Resources: 2
Circles: 2
Stat bonus: none
Skills: 7 pts: Soothing Platitudes (Wil), Etiquette (Wil/Per), Pharmacology (Per), Surgery (Per/Agi), Poison-wise (Per), Cosmetic surgery-wise (Per), Fertility treatment-wise (Per)
Traits: 2 pts: Discreet, Privileged Position, Steady Hands, Fop
Requirements: Mark of Privilege trait AND any doctor-type lifepath, Companion, Courtier, Foundation Student, Novitiate, or Adjutant Inquisitor

Camp Doctor
Setting: Anvil
Time: 5 yrs
Resources: 1
Circles: 1
Stat bonus: +1 Mental
Skills: 5 pts: Public Health (Wil/Per), Surgery (Per/Agi), Pharmacology (Per), Triage-wise (Per), Unsanitary conditions-wise (Per)
Traits: 2 pts: Can’t Save Everyone, Seen It All, Steady Hands, Groundhog
Requirements: any doctor-type lifepath or Medic, Student, Foundation Student, or Cadet

Health Official
Setting: Commune
Time: 6 yrs
Resources: 1
Circles: 1
Stat bonus: none
Skills: 4 pts: Politics of health-wise (Per), Public Health (Wil/Per), Pharmacology (Per), Surgery (Per/Agi), Bureaucracy (Wil/Per)
Traits: 1 pt: Public Servant, City Official, Idealist, Frustrated
Requirements: Coroner, any Student, or any doctor-type lifepath

Setting: Outcast & Criminal
Time: 3
Resources: 0
Circles: 1
Stat bonus: none
Skills: 4 pts: Unsanitary conditions-wise (Per), Illegal drug-wise (Per), Poison-wise (Per), Streetwise (Per)
Traits: 2 pts: Blacklisted, Wrongly Accused, Drunk, Addicted, Amorous
Requirements: any Doctor-type lifepath

Public Health (Wil/Per)
The practice of public health requires the ability not only to identify sources of disease – improperly dug latrines, contaminated drinking water, scuttling vermin – but also to beg or bully the exposed population or its leaders into doing something about them. It is inherently a macro-level skill for use in building scenes.
To properly immunize troops or travellers before a visit to a disease-ridden area: Ob 1 for an area that has been thoroughly surveyed for disease; Ob 2 for a cursorily surveyed area; Ob 3 for an area known only from travellers’ reports.
To survey an area to determine its endemic disease organisms and how to safeguard against them: Ob 3 for a cursory survey, Ob 4 for a thorough survey.
To identify the source of an infection: Ob 2 for natural outbreaks of disease, Ob 3 for deliberately spread infections such as bioweapons or Vaylen.
To substantially improve living conditions: in a military camp, Ob 2; in a refugee camp, Ob 3; in a sprawling slum, Ob 4.
To spread disease deliberately: Ob 3.
To find and either utilize or sterilize bodies of water suitable for Naiven to inhabit while awaiting hosts: Ob 2 on a predominantly water world, Ob 3 on a predominantly land world.
Modifiers to all of the above: World is Non-Life Supporting (which means disease organisms are confined to artificial habitats), -1 Ob; Alien Life-Supporting, +1; Ob; Zero Index, +1 Ob; Sub Index, +2 Ob.
Practice Cycle: 6 ms. Hrs/day: 4r/8d/16c
Technology: Yes, tools to take environmental samples and blood samples, and to determine what diseases they contain.

(I think Public Health might even work as a skill to roll for Infection-scale maneuvers, but that’s ground I don’t feel confident treading on).

New traits:

Can’t Save Everyone (C-O) 3 pts
Call-on for Surgery or Field Dressing when you have more casualties than you can treat and deliberately decide to let some of them die.

Discreet (Dt) 3 pts
Adds two successes to any body of argument where the character is trying to avoid divulging information about a client.

Revised version now on the Wiki.