New player w/ questions regarding traits and tests

We’ve been playing this with the family and having a good time. A couple of questions -

Traits - One can use applicable abilities, skills and wises to add +1D helper dice if aiding on tests. Can you also use your traits to help (or hinder) tests performed by other members of the patrol? I’ve noticed the rules seem to only mention using traits to help or hinder your own roles.

Tests - Page 94 of the rules, You Reap What You Sow, indicates everyone helping with a test shares the results. Does this apply to earning a pass or fail mark? In other words, is it only the person who rolls who gets a Pass or Fail mark, or anyone who helps?

Next up - winter session, our tenderpaw will be excited to get promoted.

Traits are for you, not other members of your team. And only the player who is actually rolling the dice earns an advancement for his character.

Great, thank you for clarifying.

Sounds like we had a couple things wrong on our first couple of plays but it has been going pretty smoothly. The patrol shouldn’t have been using the escourted NPC Apiarist’s helper die for Cautious(2). But they seemed to enjoy helping to roleplay this NPC’s trait, so maybe I can give him caution-wise if he tags along for another mission.

The NPC can help, but with stats, skills and wises, not traits.