New skill: Luthier

This one came up during play.

<!–completely superfluous context–>

One of the characters is a cleric of the Harper, and as such his holy symbol is an harp. As part of a twist his symbol broke and some of the strings were cut. After a conflict the characters had time on their hands so the cleric tried to test for it. We found all skills lacking (we almost went with Carpenter), so the player asked for a new skill:

A luthier crafts string instruments like harps, lutes, sitars and violins.

Luthiers use supplies from carpenters hunters and peasants. Carpenter’s tools are also welcomed.

Suggested Help for Luthiers: Carpenter, Hunter, Peasant.
Beginner’s Luck for Luthiers: Health.

Luthier Factors:
Repair: change a string and tune and instrument, fine tune a complex instrument (like a sitar or a tekerő), repairing a broken box.

Craft:(start at Ob 2) lutes and harps, sitars violins and zithers, tekerő, Stradivarius level of craftsmanship.

What do you think? I guesstimated the factors, so I welcome any kind of correction.

Stay cool :cool:

I would have probably gone with the Peasant skill and used the factor for tools, adding one or two depending on complexity of the tool and the fact that it’s a religious instrument.

Luthier would also use supplies from Hunters and Peasants (gut for strings). I’m not sure how a Weaver would provide either supplies or help: none of the instruments you list use plant fibers for strings.

Got it, I’ll change it to Hunter/Peasant.

Stay cool :cool: