New to Mouse Guard...

Hey, well I discovered this RPG by accident. I was justy browsing some random forums and I stumbled across a forum that was talking about this game and all t he people were like “this looked stupid at first but OMG it is so awesome!” Now, I didn’t think much of it until I was at my local bookstore and the lady was stocking a single copy of this RPG on the shelf. I picked it up and spent about 45 minutes flipping through the book and the I had to by it. I fell in love with it instantly. I plan on reading it from cover to cover and then trying to run a game of it.

I have come up with a couple of questions though…

  1. I understand how to create the fluff for a new character but where are the mechanics rules? Like how dice to I get to distribute to the main traits and skills?

  2. Is there a guide for compromises?

  3. Has anyone done up a quick start type of rule sheet/character creation that I could pass out to my soon to be players that do not have the book?

Character creation is the LAST chapter of the book.

I recommend HIGHLY that people’s first couple games be with pregens from the book. Someone already did them up in Acrobat so you have 12 print-n-play characters to choose from. We tried generating a few “blind”, set them aside, and ran a game with pregens. We quickly realized we’d made some BAD choices in CGen…

Seriously, tho’ you don’t need a cheat-sheet… you work it as a group. You might want to have photocopies of the lists on pages 301-303, and 308, but I’ve found even that not needed.

Almost all your needed charts and tables for play are on the character sheet.

As the kids say, “Quoted for truth!”


First, I’ll say that I didn’t engineer this beauty and after a search, I couldn’t find the person who did. Regardless, here’s a great character worksheet and it’s form-fillable.

As a GM, the charts I extrcted for my own use that weren’t on the sheet:

(1) A skill list with all the difficulty lists
(2) A short version of the bestiary showing Name, nature, and weapons but none of the fill-text.

Having those two and the character sheet, I almost never need to look in the books to run.

Did you put that on the wiki (or somewhere else for sharing)? If not would you consider doing so. Thanks. B-D

Only if Luke gives permission; with it and the Character sheet, one has much of the actual rules…

Is it OK Luke?

I’m not hosting Mouse Guard files (beyond what’s already up there) at the moment. I’m sorry.