Newbie Via PAX

Howdy folks. Pardon me if I am violating some convention by posting an introduction here. Feel free to bellow at me if I got it wrong, I wont cry. much.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting everyone at PAX this weekend. And everyone was kind enough to sign the Mouseguard Book I purchased. Both acts were a whim. I have looked at the boxed set and considered it but had not puled the wallet-trigger. I thought, “Why not? The book isnt such a big bite and it looks cool”. As for the other, well, how often does one make a direct in-person purchase from the folks who made the game? Certainly not when I was a kid and playing the old D&D. Thankfully the folks were patient and kind about indulging my fan-boy con-goer whims.

A bit about me:
I’m native to the Pacific Northwest. I started playing RPGs like so many, as a kid in the mid 70s, when there really was only one available at the hobby store. And like many, I stopped playing about the time I was able to legally set foot in bars. About a year and a half ago, a buddy of mine told me he had found his box of old D&D stuff in his mom’s attic. I realized I probably had that same box in my attic. And there it was. The dice were missing, as well as my monster manual, but it was largely an intact archeological record of a misspent youth.

My buddy and I decided it would be cool to take a swing at it again. My son was just about the age I had started playing. James had a cousin her teens who would like it, he thought. I was GM by fiat. before long I was faced with 9(!) players and a pile of 2nd edition D&D books cobbled together from local want ads and used book stores. After encountering Pathfinder at PAX last year, we dove headfirst into that game. Now I am alternating GM duties with James’ cousin as she runs her adventure in alternating succession with chapters of mine.

What I’m doing here:
Mostly I’m here to fill in things I can;t figure out from the book. Additionally, I’m having a look around for folks who are looking for another local player. Single fatherhood keeps me pretty busy but I do have the occasional evening available and it seems like the typical mission length lends itself to that sort of thing. Maybe a monday or tuesday evening at the AFK Tavern in Everett?


Welcome Michael. If you don’t have any luck finding a local game, give Google+ a look. There’s a large group of RPG fans that would be willing to play over video chat. If you need help with it, just send me a PM.

Thanks FogRob
While I am on G+ I havent tried any RPG action using the hangouts yet. I ought to, I think

Indeed you should. I’ll be running the Burning Wheel demo adventure, “The Sword” on the 16th, feel free to join us!

There’s a fair amount of Seattle area players. I expect they’ll pipe up after recovering from PAX.

As to your old D&D stuff, if you can bear to part with any of your old notes and characters, consider donating them to Plagmada