No Leads in Mukhadish lifepaths?

Are there ways to hop between lifepath settings in Burning Empires? Have leads been done away with? Is there another mechanic or are Mukhadish just locked into one setting?

You need to burn your world before you know what your leads are!

Leads were part of the medieval setting of Burning Wheel. They don’t really fit in the setting of Burning Empires. Instead, in World Burning you will determine which settings are native, which are non-native, and which are completely unavailable.

You pay one year to move to a native setting. You pay two years to move to a non-native setting. 8)

Or, simply put, there are no leads in BE!


Hmm… I think some of the players in my group would greatly appreciate this change. The BE World Burning process sounds interesting.

Will this change show up in Burning Wheel if you redo it. I really like the changes to the resources during character creation to. I was thinking of trying to do that with Burning Wheel.

BWR will stay as BWR. I’m playing on releasing more stuff for BW, but not planning any major changes.